On This Day in Time, 242 years ago – December 16, 1773, American patriots initiated the Boston Tea Party and kicked off what would eventually become the American Revolution.  Angered by the Tea Act and the increased British stranglehold over the colonies, tensions began moving towards the point of no return.

After a meeting held by Samuel Adams in Boston, a group of Patriots boarded three British merchant ships, the Dartmouth, Eleanor, and Beaver, which were moored in Boston Harbor.  Over the course of several hours, the group destroyed the entirety of the British tea stored on the ships; some 350 case worth.

According to Wikipedia, the tea destroyed by colonists was valued at approximately $1.7 million in today’s world!  If the colonists were trying to make a statement, I’d say they were successful!

Some historians even point out that tea drinking became “un-patriotic” after the Boston Tea Party, thus causing the American culture to shift away from tea and towards the consumption of coffee.

You’re welcome Starbucks.